Shoot 1 Evaluation

For my first ‘double exposure’ shoot I exposed the film twice with two different images – the first exposure being head and shoulder shots of my brother taken on a white cotton fabric backdrop followed by the second exposure of elements from the garden to add further ‘texture’ to the shot. The Mamiya camera was used with a tripod. Light meter readings were taken and recorded. I had previously created a Word template to accurately record the light meter readings as the camera had to be set to under expose both images by 1 stop.
Shoot 1 Contact Sheet


Frames selected and printed

  • Frame 3:
    • Backgound shows creases in backdrop and subject squinting.
    • In darker areas of the portrait the folliage is visible and this adds texture to the image
    • Printed slightly too yellow


  • Frame 6:
    • backgound too busy – fence panel showing as well as foliage this makes the image look chaotic and hard to see.
    • Black jacket worked well this made the foliage visible.
    • Printed too blue and too dark


  • Frame 10
    • back view of subject doesn’t show the persons expression and no change between light and dark areas
    • Black jacket worked well this made the foliage visible.
    • Printed too green and too dark


Outcome: dark areas within the portrait work well in double exposures; simple ‘texture’ backgrounds are easier to view as many different textures make the overall image look too chaotic, messy and difficult to view. Printing technique needs to improve using the following settings as a guideline.

Colour Printing Correction Settings

Colour Printing Correction Settings

© Hayley Salmon


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