Shoot 2 Evaluation

This test shoot was influenced by the work of Andre de Freitas, and Jon Duenas as both photographers combine two different images into a single composite image. Their double exposure shots blend landscapes over portraiture to create dreamscapes that have a beautiful and ethereal feel. For this shoot I wanted to create double exposure, innovative images by combining all manner of subjects like trees and bushes as well as landscapes with the primary exposure being a portrait image of young children.  In all of the frames below both exposures were underexposed by one f/stop as the film was exposed twice.

Shoot 2 Contact Sheet


Outcome: A disappointing shoot  – none of the frames were worthy of printing. Any of the double-exposures frames that had a foliage as the ‘fill’ or secondary shot did not work at all – a slight, very faded outline of the leaves and branches could just be seen. However, in Shot 5 and Shot 9 where the secondary exposure was a landscape image a ghost-like, ethereal portrait image could be seen in part of the photograph where the lighter coloured sky had been exposed in the second shot. A lesson learnt in this shoot is that whatever subjects chosen to shoot in a double exposure there has to be lots of contrast – dark areas in the primary and the same dark areas in the secondary shot will not show through.  Film can only be exposed to light so much before it will stop recording information. So the part of the film that was darker after first exposure will be most receptive to the light from the second click. I think getting a good double exposure image is going to be tricky – it all seems very hit and miss at this stage…

© Hayley Salmon


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