Shoot 3 Evaluation

This test shoot was influenced by the work of Christoffer Relander and Dan Mountford as both photographers combine two different images into a single composite image using a white/light background. Their double exposure shots are created by searching out for overexposed locations (like a bright open sky) to mask their subjects from their background and then shoot their subject’s profile before exposing the second exposure to their background of choice (either buildings or the natural environment). For this shoot, I wanted to create double exposures that used elements of the garden as my background of choice and the primary portrait image taken using a white fabric backdrop. In this shoot both exposures were underexposed by one f/stop due to the film being exposed twice.

Shoot 3 Contact Sheet

Frames selected and printed

  • Frame 9:
    • Cropped as white fabric backdrop was not taut
    • Pose/texture great
    • Printed well. – true realistic colours, no colour cast

    Emma double exposure

Outcome: On initial viewing of the contact sheet it looked that I hadn’t captured any images that were worthy of printing. However, on closer inspection I realised that Frame 9 may have some potential if I cropped the image to remove some of the background. Again, the fabric backdrop had let this shoot down. The creases were not so evident but the fabric was not taut and this gave the majority of the shots a rippled effect – I will need to find a way of correcting this. Nevertheless by cropping out the background in the above image I have captured a soft, dreamy looking portrait with an interesting texture/pattern. Layering textures over this head and shoulder shot has resulted in a really unique portrait. I found that I had also improved in the colour printing process printing as even though this image was mostly in neutral tones I have been able to print it without any colour cast.


© Hayley Salmon


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