Shoot 4 Evaluation

This shoot was influenced by the work of Andre de Freitas, (aka ‘Megatherium’) where he combines two different images into a single composite image. His double exposure shots (achieved digitally) are usually a blend of portraiture with a location. His imagery have a ghostly/ethereal feel to them  – it gives a sense of remembrance or half erased memories of a place the person use to know. The concept behind this shoot was to capture in-camera double exposures that had a sense of recounting memories of a place a girl use to visit and to make us ask questions like ‘why is she remembering this place’, ‘what happened here?’

Shoot 4 Contact Sheet


Outcome: I didn’t print any of these images out as it soon became apparent that all the images were blurred and out-of-focus. I had mistakenly refocused the camera between the two exposures instead of leaving the camera as is. However, one positive I can take away from this shot is that some of the poses worked really well especially when the subject was looking away from camera – it made the subject look like they were deep in thought which added intrigue to the overall look of this portrait. Also, the double exposure look worked really well to give a ghostly, haunting look to the portraits.

© Hayley Salmon


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