Shoot 5 Evaluation

This shoot was a continuation from the previous shoot’s concept of ‘a place she used to know’ influenced by the work of Andre de Freitas however the influences of Sarah Moon’s ‘fake twins’ look also played a part in this shoot. I experimented with trying to create a double image of the subject to add an air of mystery to these portraits and to convey a dreamlike world rather than reality.

Shoot 5 Contact Sheet


Frame selected and printed

  • Frame 8:
    • composition (or subsequent cropping in the darkroom) could have been better to be more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and to create an overall balanced image
    • settings for both exposures were good and the overall ghostly effect was achieved.
    • Printed too red and dark. Kept refocusing for both of the exposures causing the background to become blurry and slightly out of focus.


Outcome: Camera settings should not be changed in between exposures as this results are blurry and out of focus. Another take away point is to use a shutter release cable on the Mamiya in subsequent shoots so as to prevent further out-of-focus imagery caused by camera shake.

© Hayley Salmon



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