Shoot 6 Evaluation

On a successful print from Shoot 3 I decided to revert back to taking double exposure portrait images using a plain white background. The concept behind this shoot was to combine portrait images with more manly, macho type elements of the natural environment like pebbles and trees as an underlying meaning and connotation to my brother’s character as well as trying out new poses.

Shoot 6 Contact Sheet


Frame selected and printed

  • Frame 9:
    •  need cropping to get a better composition
    • Good lighting, position and pose; the foliage is in keeping with the styling of this shot.
    • Printed slightly too blue.


Outcome: This shoot was taken on a sunny day which meant that the film became slightly over exposed and many of the resulting images had orange flaring at the edges.I have learnt that the ideal shooting conditions for Kodak Portra 400 film is a dull and overcast day.The backdrop was much improved in this shoot as I paid particular attention to keeping the material taut. I like the overall look of the selected print as it does have a more masculine feel using dark green strong growing bush accompanied by the leather jacket worn by the subject. It was a difficult to get a realistic colours in the image and even now it has a slight blue colour cast as there was no white portion in the negative to be used as reference point.

© Hayley Salmon



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