Shoot 7 Evaluation

I am still unsure as to what direction my project should go… so I decided to shoot another roll of film on location at a local nature reserve back home and see if I could improve on Shoot 4 and Shoot 5 – the concept behind these shoots was to capture in-camera double exposures that had a sense of recounting memories of a place people use to visit and know. A reoccurring problem in these shoots was that I refocused the lens between exposures and didn’t use a shutter release cable resulting in blurry out-of-focus imagery.

Shoot 7 Contact Sheet


Frame selected and printed

  • Frame 2:
    • too bright – need higher iso film/dull day for this shoot to be a successful shoot
    • Nice composition – placed slightly off centre, in focus
    • Printed with a slight yellow cast

Outcome: Even though I had cracked the out-of-focus imagery problem in previous shots (not refocusing the lens between shots and using a shutter release button) many of the images were overexposed causing orange flare ups at the edges of the frames due to the bright sunny conditions encountered on the shoot. Since this shoot, I have done further research into the settings required for the Koda Portra 400 film I am using. Even though I used a light meter to determine the camera settings it may have been that the shutter speed was not fast enough as per the table below found on the Kodak website…

kodak porta 400


© Hayley Salmon


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