Part 1 – Hand In Day

After a late night in the dark room I was up bright and early, maybe a little to early… 6.30am for a 11am deadline! I did a final read through of my ‘Double Exposure’ artist research pages and spotted a couple of typos and after a last minute reprint I was off to Uni. I was there in plenty of time (I have heard of so many ‘hand in disaster’ stories that I want to avoid at all cost) and was waiting in anticipation to see what my peers have produced in the fist part of this assignment. .

All work handed in we had a chance to walk around and look at others work. Here are the two I submitted:

Emma double exposure


What an amazing array of ‘Representation’ images. I have got to say that I love some of the work that has come out of this project. from the whole cohort. Some amazing photographs were created and professionally printed to boot – I am proud of this project.

wasn’t sure at first what road I should take in double in-camera exposure photography but I liked the direction it took me before I had even decided what to do with the project. (Thanks Neil for coming up to me and commending me on my photograph of my young cousin – that made my day). I’m still not entirely sure where I should take this project but I think I might need to change my idea of places that the person use t know to character portraits of people working in their environments or by heading back to the double exposure of a portraits using a white backdrop and a textured,natural overlay. I’ll do a few extra prints and see how they turn out for all types of double exposure prints to make a decision as to what direction this project is going.

© Hayley Salmon


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