Andre de Freitas

Andre de Freitas 1Midnight Passage (with Colour), 2010

Andre de Freitas, also known as ‘Megatherium’ was born and raised in Lima, Peru but currently lives and works in New York. He studied at the Full Sail University, Florida and got a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Animation. Freitas is a freelance photographer and illustrator and is best known for his multiple exposure photography. His is influenced by contemporary portrait photographers such as Ryan Pfluger, Damon Loble and Ryan Schude.

Freitas’ images are created ‘in-camera’ digitally by combining two different images into a single composite image. He uses the camera’s multiple exposure function, which allows him to combine two or more pictures together immediately seeing the merged/layered result on the screen of his camera. After the first frame, which is usually portraiture, he looks for the shot for second and subsequent frames. But due to digital technology, the combining of the shots can be done later as well as the exposure values of each image unlike analogue camera where the exposure compensations needs to be worked out correctly and the second shot has to be taken immediately without the film advancing.

In all of Freitas’ double exposure shots there is a portrait of a model blended with a location or element of nature. The magical thing about double exposures is that they transport the subject to an entirely different place. In the image above it’s like the cityscape takes the form of the human subject and the human takes the form of the cityscape. It also has an element of delicacy and fragility about this image it is as if the subject is looking through her own life’s window – a nostalgic look at half erased memories of people, or places she used to know. This surreal double exposure is a beautiful way of seeing the world through photography; it gives us a glimpse into two completely separate but somehow intertwined worlds.

Freitas art work is available to buy through his Megatherium website ( which has had over 2 million viewings.


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