Dan Mountford

MountfordSelf Pavilion, (date unknown)

Dan Mountford was born and raised in Milton Keynes but currently lives and works in Brighton. He studied Graphic Design at the University of Brighton. He is a freelance graphic designer and photographer. He works with a wide variety of disciplines like photography, illustrations, editorials and motion design. He is best known for his double exposure photography, which he describes as “a visual journey through our minds by calm and tidy means which the reality of everyday life does not show”.

Mountford captures his dual subjects stunningly, giving life to new composite images that take on a unique and surreal form. The exposures themselves are created entirely ‘in-camera’. The process of creating his multiple exposures, which he calls ‘The world inside of us’, was developed by constant experimentation with analogue film. He started taking double exposures with toy cameras such as the Holga experiencing differing results as the process can be ‘very hit and miss’ as well as expensive and very time consuming. Nevertheless, by constant trialling he found ways to isolate parts of the image to create his dreamy looking multiple exposure imagery. Mountford only resorts to digital manipulation when, for example, he needs to change tones or remove spots.

Mountford searches for overexposed locations to use to mask his subjects from their background. His portraiture needs to be taken against a white background before exposing the second exposure to his background of choice. In the image above he has taken a self-portrait overlaid with an image of the Royal Pavilion, Brighton – a place that looks and feels completely out of place in this country. This image gives the impression that Mountford’s is dreaming of a world in a far-off land. a ‘… world inside of us’.

Mountford has worked commercially with notable brands and agencies such as the The Economist, EMI Records, Urban Outfitters, The Barbican and The New Scientist Magazine and has held a solo exhibition in Paris, France.


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