Mid-unit Feedback (Part 1)

I received some helpful and constructive feedback on my project’s development so far. Mostly it was based upon the colour cast in my prints. At the time I showed my work the prints were extremely blue. I thought they were slightly blue but I didn’t realise how far out they were – sometimes you get so attached to your work that you don’t see the faults so readily. I am now appreciating that feedback from peers and lecturers are so important to me to improve my overall photography and printing techniques.

Colour Printing Correction Settings

Colour Printing Correction Settings

From this feedback I have used the table above as a guide in reprinting some of the selected prints and have been able to print near true and realistic colours, especially the shot from Shoot 3, which received such a positive reaction from people. I also found out the reason why my ghost-like, double exposure portraits on location (using woods, canals and bridges as backdrops) imagery were so blurred was because after taking the first exposure (using the  light meter readings) I then took a subsequent light meter reading and set the camera accordingly thus throwing the focus out from the first.

Other feedback I received were:

  • they liked the fact that most of my prints have been cropped during the printing process compared to how I shot them originally, with the effect that the images seemed more intimate, which makes them feel like they are more involved with the image. They also felt that using family members, especially the young ones, meant that they didn’t look awkward in front of the camera and came over very naturally and this is indeed true as they were up for anything.
  • a few images didn’t show enough foliage and others showed too much foliage and not enough details in the subjects faces but mostly the ways the shoots were going the feedback group seemed to like how the images were going

My own thoughts, mid-way through this project, is that from this point forward I should write up my shoot evaluations promptly being reflective and analytical to further develop my thoughts and concepts for this project. Also, from the above feedback I am considering moving away from my initial project intentions where I intended to take portraits of people in their environment and surroundings by using multiple exposure photography as a way to contextualize them – their hobbies, pastimes, the tools of their trade, their homes and workplaces. Instead I am shifting towards representing the persons character by using double exposures with the ‘fill’ backgrounds giving underlying meaning or connotation to the person’s character. Watch this space to see how my thoughts develop over the coming weeks…



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