Shoot 10 Evaluation

A continuation of the previous shoot using the previous subject’s sister Jessica and flowering shrubs as the underlying meaning and connotation to the children’s personality. Using one f/stop down for each of the double exposures… The same light-coloured hooded jacket used (even if was slightly too big for her!) to limit the colour palette of the portraits so as to focus on the subject’s face, expression and underlying flower background so as not to be distracted by her brightly coloured top that she originally wearing.

Shoot 10 Contact  Sheet


Frames selected and printed

  • Frame 1:
    •  Foliage obscuring most of the image
    • ✔ In focus, natural pose
    • Printed with slight blue colour cast and slightly overexposed on the paper


  • Frame 3:
    •  A few buds obscuring the eye
    • Nice natural pose and expression – all in focus
    • Printed with a slight blue colour cast


  • Frame 8
    •  The leaf over the eye doesn’t look right – it gives the impression there is a watermark on the paper or negative.
    • Natural pose and expression – looking away
    • Printed with a slight blue colour cast.


Outcome: Jessica is very photogenic and she is great at not showing the cliched toothy/false smile. I have learnt that when photographing children, you have to shoot from their eye level to capture their true essence – their natural expressions, emotions and behaviour. I’m still getting a few issues with a wrinkled background no matter how I iron it – may be a roll of white background paper may have helped throughout these shoots? Also, it is still a little hit and miss with the number of ‘keepers’ not matter how I follow the same procedures of using one f/stop down for each exposure. Double exposures film photography is a world of unexpected and surprising results that can disappoint, frustrate or amaze you!

© Hayley Salmon


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