Shoot 11 Evaluation

A continuation of the previous shoot’s concept of using flowers as the underlying meaning and connotation to the children’s personality. However, for this shoot (half one cousin, half the other) I decided to stop down half of one f/stop down (instead of a full one) for the portrait exposure and one f/stop for the other to try and get a clearer/stronger image of the child and a lighter/fainter image of the foliage…

Shoot 11 Contact Sheet


Frames selected and printed

  • Frame 2:
    •  overall colour of this image is calm and tranquil/blossoms look like stars/confetti. Just as the name implies, forget-me-nots mean remembrance and this in keeping with how I like to remember Jessica’s image. The light blue colour is said to depict the colour of trust, honesty and loyalty.
    • Printed in realistic, natural colours.


  • Frame 3:
    •  Nothing to dislike about this image when it was cropped. The uncropped image had orange flaring caused by light leaking into the frame.
    • Choisya Ternata, the Mexican Orange Blossom is a bushy evergreen shrub, with dark, glossy green leaves has been used as the secondary image within this frame. Flowers are white (white colour means purity) and they are heavily scented. Many people use white colour as a recall of their youth and innocence.This image shows lovely catch lights in the eyes which makes her face come to life. Her face is framed by the white flowers; purity and the fresh green colour of the leaflets represents harmony with nature or youthful outlook which all adds interest to the overall look of this image.
    • Printed in natural, realistic colours.


  • Frame 4
    • Flower/foliage not easily viewed, hands not visible in oversized jacket.
    • Pose is great – it is enddearing
    • Printed in natural colours.


  • Frame 5
    •  Hair slightly untidy – consider cropping tighter. I experimented cropping tighter but the image now looks slightly out-of-focus.
    • The Mexican Orange Blossom is visible and not overpowering. Lovely, natural pose
    • Printed with a slight blue colour cast.

    IMG_11-5 close up

  • Frame 9
    •  shot from below not at the child’s eye level
    • natural pose/li>
    • Printed with a very slight blue colour cast.


    Outcome: A very successful shoot – there are some images that are worthy to be considered for the final print submission. A takeaway point from this shoot is that there is potential for a great photograph from the original frame if you consider cropping the image to get an improved look or composition. Cropping the image also gives you an intimate view of the subject and the viewer is drawn into the image. Again the direction that the subject looks when being photographed has a profound impact upon the image – it can alter the mood and focal point of the image considerably.

© Hayley Salmon


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