Final Selection

How to choose?

OK it is two days before I need to submit my portfolio box and I’m really struggling to know which image to hand in as I just need one 10″ x 12″ colour print. During the development of my project I have used the contact sheets from each shoot to identify prints that are worthy of printing to have the following to choose from:

© Hayley Salmon

Over the last three shoots my confidence has grown massively in using the Medium Format camera and the light meter, setting up the location shoot and in the whole colour printing process whilst taking on board the lessons learnt from my previous shoots.The first eight images were from the last three shoots and the rest were from earlier shoots. To reduce the number of prints to choose from I had to consider whether the print was as near to a technically perfect print and secondly whether it met my project’s intention and written statement. From the remainder I then weeded out poor exposures (where the model’s features were hidden by the foliage/flowers), badly composed, out of focus shots, bad facial expressions and poses, etc.  Anyway I have got it down to two… and these images have been living on my desk in my Halls for the past couple of days and I am still yo-yoing between them both. I think they are now worthy of a title – Purity of Youth (Jessica) (left) and Do Not Forget Me (Jessica) (right). I feel both images fulfill the project statement and the prints are to a high standard  i.e. they are near perfectly lined up images without any colour cast. I have also enlisted the opinions of my peers and non-photographers alike and it is encouraging to receive positive feedback and many couldn’t choose either!!!

Any favourite? Which one works and which ones doesn’t?

© Hayley Salmon

I have finally made my selection – Purity of Youth (Jessica) as the Mexican Orange Blossom (Choysia Ternata) has framed her face really well, the whole image is well focused and it is a close up, intimate view that invites the viewer into the picture and makes you feel curious as to what she is looking at in the distance. Her whole demeanor is happy and relaxed with the underlying connotation of purity created by secondary layer of the image of Mexican Orange Blossom  – so apt for the six year old with her whole life stretched out in front of her and yet to experience.


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